A gadget is a generally small, practical and innovative technological device. It usually has some specific functionality and careful design. Every year, new gadgets are presented at the latest technology fairs. Among the great variety available, those that are used together with the smartphone to complement its possibilities and make it even more “Smart” stand out. We have selected some of the most original and curious.


It’s the world’s first smart hairbrush. Created by Kérastase with Withings technology, the Kérastase Hair Coach has sensors that assess hair quality to monitor the effects of different hair care routines. These sensors measure the force applied to the scalp and hair and analyze the brushing patterns, to automatically send the data via wifi or Bluetooth to a mobile app that also takes into account environmental factors. The application also provides additional information on the condition of the hair and provides tailored recommendations for hair care products. It will soon be on sale for around 200 euros.

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Are you the kind who never find your house keys? Do you lose your cell phone every two by three? The Tile gadget is the solution for you. It consists of a device that attaches to your mobile phone, keys, wallet or any other object that may get lost. It comes with an application for iOS and Android that uses Bluetooth and GPS technology to track the device. This way you can quickly locate the lost item, as well as find out where it was last if you are out of range. On sale at Amazon from 30 euros.


In this list, a classic could not be missing: the Google Cardboard viewer. With this gadget, you can sit on stage next to Paul McCartney, play ping-pong in space, or float in a river thanks to virtual reality, just by downloading some of the applications available for iOS or Android. And the best part? As its design is in the public domain, anyone can make and customize their own visor with just a piece of cardboard, lenses, magnets, Velcro and a rubber band. Even if crafts aren’t your thing, you can still have the most immersive experiences, since you can also buy the design that you like best and that fits your smartphone. It is available here from 6,30 euros.


Pilot a drone for all pockets. That’s what this gadget offers that transforms paper planes into flying machines. It is a small device that connects to the paper plane and propels it. Controlling it is as easy as downloading an application that is available on iOS or Android. In addition, PowerUp FPV includes a rotating camera that records the trip in audio and video. And what better way to experience this flight simulation than by experiencing it through virtual reality? By connecting the aircraft and application to Google Cardboard, you can watch the video and also control the device by simply moving your head. Get it on Amazon from 120 euros.

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