Troubleshooting Furnaces and Heat Pumps

Repairing a heating system or ac unit whether it be fired by gas, power or oil needs special tools, screening tools and a host of various other products. Because many people who are mechanically inclined may have some of this equipment there is the risk that they will assume they can take care of the job. To these individuals allow us state in advance, the writer of this post is a Qualified General Motors technician, yet equally as the automobile industry has actually added such points as air bags, computers, fuel shot, turbo chargers, superchargers and numerous various other new parts, so have the H.V.A.C. manufacturers. While you may have several of the tools to evaluate an automobile, possibilities are you will just get so far in troubleshooting the more recent elements.

Then there is the chance of obtaining hurt as in the case of dealing with an air bag system as well as damaging pricey parts from the lack of having the right screening equipment. New furnaces as well as air conditioning unit have the exact same problems. As an instance, the most recent type of cooling agent out in some ac unit utilize R-410A refrigerant which has the possibility of running operating stress right into the 700 extra pound range. A brand new set of refrigerant determines and hoses which are suggested for the old refrigerants are only rated for regarding 650 extra pounds!

All H.V.A.C. technicians need to acquire new evaluates and matching tubes in addition to brand-new cooling agent recovery equipment as needed by the E.P.A. If they do not, a person is going to get hurt for sure! We are writing this post just as a guide and also strongly recommend that you call a respectable H.V.A.C. solution expert to service your gas, electric or oil heating system and also your gas, or electrical heat pump or ac unit. So with all that claimed we will attempt to compose this web page with the emphasis on basic repairing focused on the ordinary homeowner. If you are more mechanically likely than this, please bear with us as we will consist of much more technological encourage noted as” For Advanced Troubleshooting “.


DESCRIPTION: Oil, gas, L.P. gas fired and also electric strip heat.

A lot of older gas heating systems usually have a pilot which melts all the time. This pilot burns as well as its flame should touch a noticing tool called a thermocouple. The thermocouple generates a percentage of electricity within itself.

Keep in mind:” For Advanced Troubleshooting”

There are millivolt systems which use pilot generators, that are completely different than the thermocouples made use of in basic 24 volt furnaces. The thermocouple can stop working hence giving a safety versus the heater attempting to send raw gas to the burners with no pilot present. If your pilot will not stay lit although you have actually followed the pilot lights directions generally posted within the heater compartment proceed checking out below.

These guidelines vary from furnace to heater yet typically total up to transforming the gas shutoff knob to the pilot setting, holding down on the gas valve knob (in some cases a different knob) while lighting the pilot with a lengthy suit and afterwards proceeding holding back for (2) minutes. Hereafter 2 min hold back duration launch the handle. The pilot must continue to be lit. If it remains lit, turn the handle to the” ON” position. The burners ought to light if the power gets on and also the thermostat is requiring warm. If the pilot goes out instantly after you have held the handle down for (2) mins you probably have a poor thermocouple. This is the leading telephone call we get on these old furnaces.

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